Embarking on a Farming Dream

Did you know according to the USDA Census the average farmer in the United States today is 57.5 years old. What about the future of agriculture? Many people believe that young people aren’t interested in farming anymore. This simply isn’t true. Starting a farm requires so many resources. Land, equipment, livestock, plants, labor, marketing, insurance, and so on and so forth. How does a young person have the ability to finance a farm if they aren’t inheriting a family farm passed on through the generations? That’s the dilemma so many young people face today. Also, the modern food system in the United States is geared toward larger farms that young people wouldn’t be able to afford.

Have you thought that someday you would like to embark on a fulfilling farming adventure? I have had that dream and so have some of my students in my agriculture classes which served as inspiration for Alex and Leah starting their farming enterprise in my book, “Alex and Leah Learn to Farm: The Series”. This series will help readers appreciate the joys and discomforts of agricultural life and get a glimpse into what it takes to start a small, sustainable farm with Alex and Leah.

The recent college graduates, Alex and Leah, have always had a strong interest in farming. Alex and Leah have an advantage in starting their farm as Leah’s parents gifted them the family farm that has been out of production for some time. Despite the advantage, there are a lot of issues that need to be resolved before any cultivation of the land can begin. The requirement for a sizable inventory of equipment, supplies, and tools is one of these issues. What strategy do they have in place to address their financial issues? They get help from their county extension agent to create a business plan and go to a farm bank to secure the financing they need to embark on their dream to farm.

Read Alex and Leah as they get ready to start farming and discover the value of making plans ahead of time and persevering through difficult times. As you read more of their story, you will want to embark on your own journey, whether it is to start a farm or pursue another kind of dream. More incredible books like “The Adventure Begins” are available in this great series. You will be enthralled with these books and motivated to pursue your own aspirations of success.

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