Clearing the Path to Farming Success

The land that once provided nourishment for dairy cows has been overrun with sweetgum and loblolly trees since the farm went out of operation decades ago. Alex and Leah have a dream of developing the land into a sustainable farm with crops, cattle, pigs and chickens. A first step in getting the land ready is clearing the trees from the land in the “Alex and Leah Learn to Farm: The Series.” Alex and Leah decide they can tackle the task of clearing the trees themselves.

Why clear the trees you may wonder? Why can’t Alex and Leah just start the farm and leave the oxygen-producing trees where they are? The crops that Alex and Leah want to raise need sunlight in order to grow. So does the grass that the animals will need to be sustained as well. Did you know that for every tree that a forester cuts down, they replant 5 trees and young, growing trees produce more oxygen than old trees?

Leah and Alex ask Alex’s brother, Bob, to help them cut down the trees with chainsaws and a few tools. They soon find out that this job is much more difficult than they thought it would be. They ask forester John to bring in his crew to clear the trees. John teaches them which trees need to be left standing to protect stream health and leave homes for wildlife. They learn that working together with professionals for their knowledge and experience can solve seemingly impossible problems.

Clearing the Land shows the importance of getting the proper guidance when life throws a challenge at you. Follow Alex and Leah on a life-changing journey and be inspired to tackle your own challenges with tenacity and optimism.

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