Building Farm Boundaries with Determination

Life lessons from building fences. I have built many miles of fences over my lifetime. It is hard work! It takes prior planning to make sure you have all of the right tools and materials to build the fence. This is only after you decide what is the proper style of fence you are planning to build. A fence for horses may have tape while a fence for cattle may have wire. An electric fence is great for training the animals not to lean on the fence or to keep weeds from the bottom of the barrier. Since my characters in  “Alex and Leah Learn to Farm: The Series” have a goal of having livestock on their farm, they simply must have fences to keep their animals safe from harm and in the areas they have determined them to be in. Alex and Leah are truly a team. Hard work and stress can cause us to reveal our true characters. Leah uses the tractor and auger to dig the holes before they set the wooden posts in the ground. They make sure that they are level on all sides and then they set them in concrete to help make them strong. When using the tractor to stretch the wire on the posts, Alex and Leah suffer a setback in that a post flies right out of the ground. They learn that boards should be used in the corners as the posts are much stronger when they are bonded together than when they are working separately.

Some lessons that we can apply these concepts to in our lives include that we need to determine what we need in our lives and set personal boundaries to prevent being carried away from those needs or goals. This is proper planning and gathering of the right tools. Our boundaries could be for our finances, our careers, and even our personal relationships. These boundaries are for our own safety and well-being. When we are walking through this life, we need the help of people who share the same vision and goals. People we can lean on when things get tough because we are stronger together than working apart.

It’s fantastic that Alex and Leah planned, labored, and persevered through problems while building their fences. We can learn so much from their experiences on their farm for the issues each of us faces walking through our lives. Accompany them at each step of their farming journey and let the lessons they learned inspire you and your loved ones to overcome personal challenges.

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