About the Author

Jay Borden strongly supports agriculture instruction and growing methods that don’t harm the environment. Jay grew up on a farm in northern Illinois, so he has a strong link to the land and a passion for farming. After attending Auburn University to get a degree in Agriculture Education, Jay became a determined teacher who shared his knowledge and love of agriculture with children of all ages.

Jay is a recognized member of the farm education community. He has taught for over ten years in cities and rural areas. He is in charge of a high school program in Georgia, where he teaches students about healthy agriculture, how food is made, and why STEAM education is essential. Jay wrote the Alex and Leah Learn to Farm stories because he wanted to teach people about farming in a way that was both true and interesting.

Unveiling the Agriculture Educator Inspiring Curiosity and Connection to the Land

Discover the remarkable journey of Jay Borden, an experienced agriculture educator, as he inspires children to connect with nature and embrace sustainable farming practices.

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