Teaching Young Minds the Wonders of Farming

Picking something to read amongst the variety of genres and options of books in those genres can be a difficult task. Fictional or non-fictional, political or historic, encyclopedic or a murder mystery novel, young adult romance, or something entirely new. With as many options as possible, the choices become crucial. Whether you are a casual reader or an avid reader, investing time in a particular book is an important decision. It gets a little easier when it comes to children’s books, though; you just need to pick a book that is interesting and informative in a creative way that can keep the children engaged.

Jay Borden’s Alex and Leah Learn to Farm: The Series is a perfect book for young minds to learn the wonders of farming and the importance of food and where it comes from. The book stars two protagonists, Leah and Alex, who are both college graduates with the aim of starting their own farm and making an effort to do so.

The book is the first in the series and does an excellent job of simplifying the farming process. With illustrations and a writing style that is easy to understand for young readers, Jay Borden conveys the message of how important it is to appreciate the ones putting in the effort to put food on our tables.Alex and Leah Learn to Farm: The Series by Jay Borden is now available on Amazon.

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